Prices – residential courses


classe-arianeYou can use this form to calculate the price of your residential course : just choose your program and accomodation, it’s easy !  If you wish to, you can also book your stay directly from this page.

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Step 1 - choose your programme :

If you don't find the program you'd like in the list, please use the contact form to specify your needs.  We also offer additional afternoon sessions (e.g. grammar workshop, conversation class...) and visits, please feel free to consult us for more information.

Step 2 - choose your accomodation :
Our residential courses are proposed with accomodation in Studio flats (in a residence) or with a host family. If you wish to stay in a hotel, please contact us for a personalised quote.

Step 3 - choose the length of your stay :

Step 4 - cost of your stay :

You'd like to book your course ?

Please use the form below, or contact us by phone (+33 232 62 47 08) or by e-mail.

We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your booking, evaluate your French language level, and explain how to pay for your stay with us.